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2024 Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair


I would like to thank Sasol, all students, teachers, parents, judges, volunteers, special awards organizations and businesses, and Region 5 Science Fair Staff for helping to make the 2024 Fair a huge success.  If you have any suggestions at all to improve on the 2025 Fair, I urge you to please let Judy Reeves, 2024 Director, know.  

Best of Fair Winner gets and Best of Senior Division get a bid to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, California in May.

202024 Best of Fair 

Susanna Chiruguru, LaGrange Senior High School

(ISEF FInalist)

2024 Senior Division Winner 

Gyeongyun Lily Min (Barbe Senior High)

(ISEF Finalist)

2024 Junior Division Winner 

Logan Biven (St. Margaret Catholic)

2024 Elementary Division Winner 

Aahan Chopade (TS Cooley Elementary)


Best of Schools

Barbe Senior, St. Margaret Catholic Miiddle, TS Cooley Elementary

Senior Division Winners by Category


Behavioral & Social Science

Biomedical & Health

2nd - Kenzi Perry  (Johnson Bayou)

3rd - Zoey Duriso (Washington Marion High)

HM - Alaziah Woods (Washington Marion High)


HM - Harmony Young (Washington Marion High)





Earth & Environmental Energy: Sustainable Materials

1st - Susanna Chiruguru (LaGrange Senior High)

2nd - Roan Horner (EDS)

3rd - Dedeepya Matsa (Barbe Senior High School)


1st - Gyeongyun Lily Min (Barbe Senior High)




Microbiology Plant Science

3rd - Isabella Trahan (Johnson Bayou High)


2nd - Jonathan Kaluturi (Barbe Senior High)


Systems Software  

1st - Ethan Wang (Barbe Senior High School)



Junior Division Winners by Category

Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

 1st - Piper Schroeder (FK White)

2nd - Atticus Maxwell (EDS)



1st - Roberto Perez (FK White)

2nd - Drew Aguillard (St. Margaret)

3rd - Makenzi Hartman (Maplewood Middle School)

HM - Paisley Young & Makayla Corner (Johnson Bayou)

Biomedical & Health Science

Cellular & Molecular Biology

  1st - Logan Biven  (St. Margaret Catholic)

2nd - Josh Brennan (ICCS)

3rd - Henry Tadlock (ICCS)

HM - Kynnedi Watts (St. Margaret Catholic)

1st - Blayke Lamb & Veera Patel (Maplewood Middle)





Chemistry Energy: Sustainable Materials

1st - Jayleigh Mallett (ICCS)

2nd - Colleen Fisher (EDS)

3rd - Abby Gatlin (St. Margaret)

HM - Sam Prewitt (Prudentia Classical Academy) 

1st - Robert McCauley (FK White Middle)

3rd - Ethyn Marshall (St. Margaret Catholic)

HM -  Max Hoffoss (ICCS)


Earth & Evnironmental Engineering (Statics & Dynamics)

2nd - Kyle Stevenson (St. Margaret Catholic)

3rd - Joshua Chiruguru (St. Margaret Catholic) 


 2nd - Emmanuel Mouton (St. Margaret Catholic)

3rd - Brooks Burleigh (ICCS)

HM - Gibson Tumey (EDS)


Environmental Engineeering

Material Science

1st - Kaylee Zhang  (EDS)

2nd - Mia LaFleur (St. Margaret Catholic)

3rd - Ty Guillory (EDS)



1st - Valeria Barrows (Prudentia Classical Academy)

2nd - Ava Moton (St. Margaret Catholic)

3rd - Beck Springer (EDS)

HM - Ellie Clanton (St. Margaret Catholic)


Physics & Astronomy

1st - Ollie Robinson (EDS)

2nd - Abram Green (ICCS)

3rd - Emery Whitehead (ICCS)

HM - Savannah Potter (EDS)


1st - Mackenzie Grenier (FK White Middle)

2nd - Liam Fisher (EDS)

3rd - Lauren Lance (Moss Bluff Middle)

HM - Palmer Jessen (St. Margaret Catholic)

Plant Science  

3rd - Lucy Novak (EDS)

HM - Emery Fontenot (St. Margaret Catholic)


Elementary Division Winners by Category

Animal Science

Behavioral & Social

   2nd - Maddox Cleveland (Combre-Fondell Elementary)





 1st - Jenna Rials  (Moss Bluff Elementary)

2nd - Grayson Carlisle (TS Cooley Elementary)

3rd - Shelby Jagneaux (TS Cooley Elementary)

HM - Dieon Morrow (Combre Fondel Elementary)


Biomedical & Health Science

1st - Abbigal Stein  (Western Heights Elementary)





1st - Nathan Wang  (TS Cooley Elementary)

2nd - Keerat Suchdeva (TS Cooley Elemetary)

3rd - Riley Webb (TS Cooley Elementary)

HM - Kately Duhon (Western Heights Elementary)

Chemistry Earth & Environmental Science

1st - Arya Gonzalez-James (TS Cooley Elementary)

2nd - Kallie Hicks (Life Christian Academy)

3rd - Leah Cole (TS Cooley)

HM - Emma Morales (Moss Bluff Elementary) 

1st - Caleigh Elliott (TS Cooley Elementary)

2nd - Emma Maylen (TS Cooley Elementary)

3rd - Rory Duhon (Moss Bluff Elementary)


Energy - Sustainable Materials

Engineering (Statics & Dynamics)

1st - Jude Youssef  (TS Cooley)

2nd - Logan Walker (TS Cooley)

3rd - Hailyn Cook & Kailyn Craig(Moss Bluff Elementary)



1st - Ethan Slobodyanyk  (TS Cooley)

2nd - Dusty Stevenson (Moss Bluff Elementary)

3rd - Elsie Thatcher (TS Cooley)


Material Science


1st - Caymen Handy (Moss Bluff Elementary)

2nd - Leah McDaniel (Moss Bluff Elementary)

1st - Lucas Carlile (TS Cooley Elementary)



Physics & Astronomy

1st - Hadley Poole (TS Cooley Elementary)

2nd - Quinn Marcantel & Finley Perron (Moss Bluff Elementary)


1st - Cruz Watson (TS Cooley Elementary)

2nd - Luke Robbins (TS Cooley Elementary)

3rd - Connor Cormier (TS Cooley Elementary)

Plant Science

Robotics & Intelligent Machines

1st - Mathilda Broussard (TS Cooley Elementary)

2nd - Clara Whatley (TS Cooley Elementary)


2nd - Alaya Trahan (Johnson Bayou Elementary)



Systems Software


1st - Aahan Chopade (TS Cooley Elementary)




Special Award Winners
U. S. Air Force

Logan Biven (St. Margaret Catholic)

  Roan Honer (EDS)

  Gyeongyun Lily Min (Barbe Senior High)

  Emmanuel Mouton (St. Margaret Catholic)

  Hadley Poole (TS Cooley)

  Roan Honer (EDS)


Thermo Fisher Scientific Jr Inventor Challenge

Roberto Perez (FK White Middle)

Logan Biven (St. Margaret Catholic)

Blayke Lamb & Veerea Patel (Maplewood Middle)

Jayleigh Mallett (ICCS)

Robert McCauley (FK White Middle)

Emmanuel Mouton (St. Margaret Catholic)

  Kaylee Zhang (EDS)

  Mia LaFleur (St. Margaret Catholic)

   Valeria Barrows (Prudentia Classical Academy)

  Ollie Robinson (EDS)

  Mackenzie Grenier (FK White Middle)


Regeneron Biomedical Science Award

Susanna Chiruguru (LaGrange High School)

U.S. Metric Association

Susanna Chiruguru (LaGrange High School)


American Psychological Association

Dedeepya Matsa (Barbe Senior High)


NASA Earth System Science Award

Joshua Chiruguru (FK White Middle)

MLemelson Early Inventor

JKaylee Zhang (EDS)

Richo USA

Gyeongyun Lily Min (Barbe Senior High)

Yale Science & Engineering

Susanna Chiruguru (LaGrange High School)

NOAA US Department of Commerce

Susanna Chiruguru (LaGrange High School)



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