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Fractal Generator

A number of years ago, my Dad, G. M. Gentry, retired from CITGO.  In addition to his regular Chemical Engineering work, he was also involved in Computer Programming.  Once retired, he invested in a Dell P-350, which he still has, and Visual Basic.  In his spare time, which most retired folks have plenty of, he wrote a very user friendly Fractal Generator program.  What is a Fractal you ask?  A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. Fractals are generally self-similar and independent of scale. There are many mathematical structures that are fractals; e.g. Sierpinski triangle, Koch snowflake, Peano curve, Mandelbrot set, and Lorenz attractor. Fractals also describe many real-world objects, such as clouds, mountains, turbulence, and coastlines, that do not correspond to simple geometric shapes. Benoit Mandelbrot gives a mathematical definition of a fractal as a set for which the Hausdorff Besicovich dimension strictly exceeds the topological dimension. However, he is not satisfied with this definition as it excludes sets one would consider fractals.  For additional information click HERE.  To download Mr. Gentry's Fractal Generator (57 kb) click on the button below.  It is in a Zip file so you must have WinZip (Free Evaluation Version), or equivalent to open it once it is on your pc.  Be sure to unzip all components into the same folder on your computer. 

Download Fractal Generator 


Another cool software program that my Dad wrote is a PC based Timer.  Have you ever been doing tasks on your computer for a duration of an hour or more, when you suddenly released that you were suppose to take care of that chore your dad told you about 45 minutes ago?  Or, while you were chatting with that Facebook friend for the last 2 hours, you suddenly remember you were suppose to pick up your little brother at football practice at 4 pm.  (just wait till mom comes home - dead meat) .  Now you can set up and run a timer on your computer, complete with MIDI files of your choosing.  An interval timer is included that produces an audible alarm (MIDI) at the completion of the desired interval. This interval can be set to any value between 1 minute and 12 hours.  Because of the ease of loosing track of time at the keyboard the interval timer can be used as a reminder that you are needed elsewhere.  The count down timer alarm can de selected from a list of 3 MIDI files that are included. At the completion of the specified timer interval the program plays the selected alarm MIDI and then cycles through the complete MIDI library repeatedly until the "Stop Alarm" button is clicked.  Any or all of the above MIDI files can be removed from the alarm list by deleting them from the application folder. At least one MIDI file is required for the program to function properly. MIDI files of your choice can be added to the alarm list simply by adding them to the application folder.   Click below to download the timer.

Download Timer

Convert v.4.10

Have you ever had a need to know how many grams were in a pound?  How about how many centimeters in an acre, or even how many calories in a BTU?  The is an easy program called Convert v. 4.10 that will do these things and more.  Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!  This software was created by Josh Madison and is free for download.  The file is small and is stand alone ( 157 kb ).  

Download Convert v.4.10


This site used to have a really cool Flash based clock.  Though it does not appear to have the clock anymore, it does have some unusual interactive scripts.....which I have yet to figure out.  Maybe you can......   


Atomic Clock Sync 2.6

If your clocks must have the "exact" time, then Atomic Clock Sync is for you.  This program will reference an atomic clock server to get the current time with the greatest accuracy available and update your PC's information. It can even be set to automatically check the time once a day to keep your PC's time accurate forever. Atomic Clock Sync will connect to one of the time servers operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, and will compare the time of your computer with the time on the servers operated by the NIST. This program will then display the difference between your system and offer you the option of adjusting your PC by the displayed amount.

Download Atomic Clock Sync 2.6

Periodic Table

Periodic Table.  The only program in its category to give such a huge amount of information at such a small file size with a fully professional interface. Periodic Table is a very simple program, which displays the various properties of the elements of the modern Periodic Table when the buttons containing the symbol and atomic number of the element is clicked. The program currently displays the following properties:
1.Atomic number The atomic number of the element. 
2.Name- The English name of the element.
3.Atomic weight- The atomic weight of the most stable isotope of the element.
4.Electronegativity The electronegativity of the element
5.Ionisation Potential The ionisation potential of the element.
6.Atomic Radius-The average atomic radius of the element.
7.Electron Arrangement- The arrangement of electron in the various shells in the atom.
8.Symbol- The symbol of the element.
9.Melting Point-The temperature at the element melts.
10.Density- The density of the element measured in kg/m^3 at STP
11.Chemical properties and Uses- This section displays the important chemical reactions of the element, its practical uses and other important facts about the element.

This file is small and free for download.  (136 kb)

Download Periodic Table 2.37

Memory Status

Another cool small profile program that my dad wrote a while back is called Memory Status.  A stand alone piece of software at only sixteen kbs, it will display your pc's percent of physical memory in use, available physical memory, total physical memory, total page file bytes, free bytes of page file, total virtual memory bytes, and free virtual memory bytes.  Updating 5 times per second, this file is worth the download.  

Download Memory System

Earthquake 3D

WATCH EATHQUAKES IN 3D... Zoom and spin your way around the globe while viewing earthquakes in three dimensions! Display the awesome power of planet Earth as you watch it spin before you revealing the true nature of earthquake geometry. See at a glance up to seven days of global earthquake activity. Indeed, the world is not flat.  ANNIMATE AND CONTROL... Adjust and customize the display to see earthquakes in a variety of different ways. Filter earthquakes by size and time then select from many display options that include quake indicators and map references. Earthquakes are shown in near real-time using the latest data from the USGS via the internet.

Download Earthquake 3D




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