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Project Restrictions and Guidelines for Elementary, Junior & Senior Division Projects

Download Adobe Version Here - [5 KB]

**NO Liquids allowed on project displays for  Junior, and Senior Divisions**

  1. Exhibit size: W48" x D30" x H108" (Maximum)

  2. Student name on project is ok.

  3. Hand-outs to judges must be limited to one copy of the official abstract. Personal photographs of accomplishments and acknowledgements are not permitted.

  4. No awards, medals, business cards, etc.

  5. Self-supporting Exhibit - weight of project not to exceed 80lbs.

  6. UL approved extension cords with grounded plug, all connections soldered, no uninsulated wire, nails, or tacks.

  7. No quarantined substances.

  8. No living organisms (e.g., plants, animals, microbes)

  9. No dried plant materials. (OK for Elementary)

  10. No microbial cultures and fungi, live or dead, including unknown specimens.

  11. No taxidermy specimens or parts.

  12. No preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals (includes embryos).

  13. No human or animal food. ( OK for Elementary )

  14. No human/animal parts or body fluids (e.g., blood, urine) (exceptions, teeth, hair, nails, dried animal bones, histological dry mount sections, and wet mount tissue slides) SRC Approval required. (Contact the Director)

  15. No soil, sand, rocks or waste samples. ( OK for Elementary )

  16. No laboratory chemicals including water. ( Check with Director for Elementary )

  17. No liquid or solid gases.

  18. No poisons, drugs, controlled substances, hazardous substances or devices (i.e., firearms, weapons, ammunition, reloading devices, gun powder.)

  19. No dry ice or sublimating solids.

  20. No sharp items (i.e., syringes, needles, pipettes, knives, scalpels, etc.

  21. No flames open or concealed, explosives, noxious fumes, no heat above 100 Celsius.

  22. No highly flammable display materials.

  23. No batteries with open top cells.

  24. No photographs or other visual presentations depicting vertebrate animals in other-than-normal conditions (i.e., surgical techniques, dissections, necropsies or other lab techniques - may be contained in notebook during judging only).

  25. No glass. (Check with Director for Elementary ) 

  26. No empty tanks that previously contained combustible liquids or gases, UNLESS purged with carbon dioxide.



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